World's largest construction projects

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The largest projects in the world that are undergoing construction range from space stations, industrial complexes, subways, dams, and airports. Most of them are highly admired and reviled, for example, the Sellafield’s enormous nuclear reprocessing and decommissioning site in England. The following projects are the world’s largest and under construction so far.

1. Al Maktoum Airport In Dubai

The Al Maktoum Airport covers approximately 21 square miles. It is scheduled to be completed in 2018. The extensive international airport is modeled to carry two hundred planes at once. Other airports in the world cannot possibly compete with the scale of this vast international airport. According to estimations, the 2nd phase of construction has cost more than $33 billion.

2. Jubail Ii Of Saudi Arabia

This is an industrial project with the features of a city. The project is 22 years old, with its second phase of expansion having begun in 2014 with an estimated cost of $12 billion. After construction it will consist of a refinery, roads and highways, miles of railways, 800,000 cubic meters of desalination plant, and at least 100 industrial plants. The whole project is set to be completed in 2024.

3. Dubai Land, Dubai

This complex is roughly 278 square kilometers in size. After completion, it will have 6 regions including: hotels, science sceneries, health facilities, Eco-tourism, sport venues, and parks. It will also hold the largest hotel in the world with 6500 rooms and 10 million square foot mall. The fact that this vast desert will be host to scientific discoveries, delicious meals, top medical practitioners, tourists, sports equipment, and the greatest products is amazing. The project is set to be completed by 2025.

4. International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) is made up of 5 space agencies and 15 nations in total. The ISS revolves around the globe after every one and a half hours. The current budget of the ISS exceeded $60 billion, which will be a home of more than one million off-planet settlements. Its completion is predicted to cost more than $1 trillion. It is not well understood whether its completion may lead to the making of the smallest known planet that otherwise will be said to be man-made.

5. Water Transfer Project Running from South to North in China

There is a great water imbalance in Northern China, which holds about 50% of the China’s population and has a less than 20% of the total water resources. This has led them to resolve the problem by constructing three massive canals. Each will exceed 600 miles flowing to the North from China’s largest rivers. The project will take 48 years to construct and will be capable of supplying 44 billion cubic meters of water every year.

6. London’s Cross Rail Project

The world’s largest underground tunnel is growing rapidly, adding 26 miles of tunnels to connect to 40 stations. The project will be completed in phases estimated to cost $23 billion. The leading track will be in use in 2018 and the rest of the project is expected to be completed by 2020.

7. Three Gorges Dam, China

The Three Gorges Dam in China is the world’s largest dam. It is approximately 60 stories high and a mile and a half long. The dam harnesses the power of the water flowing through the Yangtze River. Construction began in 1994 and the first generators were in service by 2003. Despite the construction marvel that it is, the Three Gorges is thoroughly criticized for the destruction of potential farms and displacement of people. The dam produces 8 times more electricity than the Hoover Dam.

8. Sellafield Nuclear Site of England

The Sellafield Nuclear Site covers approximately 700 acres and the main source of nuclear power in U.K. The site’s construction cost exceeded $15 billion. Its main activity is the reprocessing of magnox. Magnox is a nuclear fuel produced by the power stations of UK. New scientific research reveals that the sludge poses a nuclear environmental threat.

9. Beijing Airport, China

This vast airport will surpass the Al Maktoum in airport passenger capacity, square mileage, and cost. Its first phase was finished in 2008 while further expansion will be completed in 2025. It incorporates magnificent design from the famous Zaha Hadid.

10. Man-Made River Project of Libya

Libya has been enlarging this Great Man-Made River since 1985. It is known to be the largest of its caliber in the world. After its completion it will supply water to over 350,000 acres of land, making drinking water more available in Libya. Its water source is from an underground aquifer system. The project will be finished in the year 2030. This will be a great change in the primarily desert environment of Libya.