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The world is full of many astonishing and eye-catching sites, some of which are natural and others which are man-made. Buildings, which fall into the latter category, are some of the most amazing structures created by humans. Some buildings are considered unique because of the materials they are made from, while others are popular as a result of their size and height. However, when it comes to the construction of tall buildings, drilling services must be rendered by professionals. For instance, professionals in drilling in New York offer expertise services. This article gives a brief description of the world’s four tallest buildings.


1. Burj Khalifa

The tallest building in the world is known as Burj Khalifa and was originally referred to as Burj Dubai. This building is located in Dubai; it is 2,717 feet or 828 meters tall and has a total 163 floors. It was completed in 2010 by an engineering company in South Korea (C&T). The building was constructed with the intention of changing the country’s economy by attracting more tourists, rather than solely depending on oil income. This project was initiated by the government of the United Arab Emirates and was designed by professionals from Chicago: Owings, Merrill and Skidmore. The building consists of a 30 acre man-made lake, a seven acre Parkland, nine hotels and one shopping mall. Additionally, this building not only serves as a business premise but also a residential building with an occupancy of 30,000 residents in 19 residential towers.


2. The Shanghai Tower

The world’s second tallest building is not as high as the world’s tallest. It is 2,017 feet or 632 meters with 128 floors. Nevertheless, this building is an amazing site, as it has a charming view of the Shanghai skyline. The building was designed by Gensler, an architectural company in America, with the main purpose of serving as a hotel. It has 320 hotel rooms and 1,100 parking slots. The construction was completed in 2013, and it was officially opened 2015.


3. Makkah Royal Clock Tower

This is the third tallest building in the word, and it is located in Mecca city in Saudi Arabia. The building contains the largest clock in the world, measuring at 141 square feet. Plus, it has 120 floors and is 1,972 feet or 601 meters tall. Other unique characteristics include the Lunar Observation Center, where people watch the moon during the Holy Month, and 2,100 white and green colored lights, which are used to signal people during prayer times and can be seen as far as nineteen miles away. This building is owned by the government of Saudi Arabia and was jointly designed by the Mahmoud firm and SL Rasch GmbH, a German architectural firm. It also has hotel rooms, an Islamic museum, a conference center, a shopping mall and a prayer room which can fit over 10,000 people.


4. Pang An International Finance Center

Pang An International Finance Center is located in Shenzhen, China. It is a newer building with a height of 1,965 feet and 115 floors. Construction is still underway, and its completion is expected to take place in 2017. The building consists of a shopping mall with retail spaces, hotel rooms and a conference center.


In conclusion, most of the world’s tallest buildings are made of steel and concrete for safety purposes. Proper drilling services must be rendered when it comes to the construction of large buildings so as to eliminate any chance of accidents and fall of buildings. New York City has a number of significantly tall buildings whose contractors delight in the quality drilling services rendered by drilling New York.