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The world boasts of many piers. Some are best known for their leisure appeal, others have existed for many decades, while some are revered for their historical or cultural significance. These structures act as a gateway to the sea or ocean and allow users to board a boat, ferry, ship or other watercraft. Some are made from wood, others steel, while some piers are constructed from concrete. The following are the top 6 piers in the world:


6. Walton Pier

This pier measures approximately 2,600 feet/792.5 meters and is found in the United Kingdom. It is among the oldest in the region and was constructed in 1830. It was, however, damaged by a storm in 1871, and this led to it being reconstructed a decade later. The structure, which was rebuilt in 1895, is a popular attraction and home to recreational facilities, including arcades and fair rides.


5. Southport Pier

Located in Merseyside, United Kingdom, the Southport Pier prides itself on being the second largest in Britain. It measures about 3,633 feet/1,107.3 meters and was constructed many decades ago. However, it got an overhaul in 2002 that transformed it into a modern-looking structure with an open design. It houses Victorian-style penny arcades, a café and has won the esteemed “Pier of the Year” award.


4. Busselton Pier

There is lots of confusion over whether the Busselton is a pier or jetty. Nonetheless, it is considered one of the most remarkable piers across the globe. Situated in Western Australia, this structure holds the record for being the longest wooden pier in the world. It measures about 1.841 km/1841 meters long, and its construction began in 1853 and ended in mid 1960’s.


3. Southend Pier

The Southend Pier is among the most remarkable landmarks not only in Britain but in the world as well. It is situated on the south end of the sea and stretches all the way to the famous Thames Estuary. It measures 2.16 kilometers/1.34 miles long and is regarded as the world’s longest pleasure pier. Sir John Betjeman was quoted saying that “the Pier is Southend, and Southend is the Pier”.


2. The Lucinda Pier/Jetty

Some people classify the Lucinda as a jetty while others view it as a pier. The point of contention is that unlike most piers, it runs diagonally. However, it is theoretically a pier because it is perched over the sea. It is the second longest in the entire world and stretches for about 5.76 kilometers or 3.57 miles. This engineering masterpiece is crafted from steel pylons and concrete.

Landmark structure is found in Lucinda in Queensland, Australia. It is mainly used for offloading bulk goods, mostly sugar from ships.


1. Progreso Pier, Mexico

Progreso Pier, located in the town of Progreso in Mexico, is the longest pier in the world. It stretches for approximately 4 miles or 6.5 kilometers and was constructed to enable effective cruise ship control at the Gulf of Mexico and Merida town. The colossal structure was completed in 1942 and lies on a shelf of limestone that stretches into the sea. It’s mainly a tourist site, allowing ships to dock there so that tourists can explore the nearby archaeological sites.


Piers have been constructed across the globe, from those drilled in New York and North America to Australia to Europe, but these 6 rank among the world’s biggest piers. Not only are these structures remarkable, but they also serve as landmarks and/or attractions in their regions. Many play a vital role in the culture and economy of the area they are found in.