Different Types of Caisson Foundations and the Benefits

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Types and benefits of caisson foundations

Caisson foundations are vastly different from the standard slab of concrete. You might lie down to support a structure like a home. These specialized foundations are most often used for bridges, piers, dams, or other structures that need underwater support. Here we discuss the different types of caisson foundations and their benefits. First of all,… Read more »

The History of Caisson Drilling

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The history of caissons is long and storied, beginning more than a century ago. Today, it has changed the way we engineer bridges and buildings.

Caisson drilling is a process by which open chambers are created under water or in the earth in order to reach soil or bedrock that is stable enough to support a massive structure above, such as a bridge or a large building. In this way, concrete (or other materials) can be used to fill in… Read more »

The Benefits of Caisson Drilling

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Although caisson drilling is often associated with projects like bridge construction, it is beneficial for all types of large structures.

A strong foundation is the basis of any construction project, whether you’re building a single-family home, an apartment structure, or an office high rise.  Foundations either sit on top of soil or they are embedded in the soil (sometimes both). For small structures like primary residences, foundation pads placed on top of the soil are… Read more »